Council Removes Recycling Facilities from Commercial Road

As part of the cost cutting measures right across Stockport the council has removed their recycling bins from the car park on Commercial Road in Hazel Grove.

Recycling Bins Being Removed

The theory is that all residents should now have their own recycling bins provided by the council and that companies should not have been using these public recycling bins anyway.

The area has regularly been a site for fly tipping because people already had too much rubbish and recycling and we fear that some people will continue to leave rubbish there as they are used to using the site.  Now, if you cannot fit all your waste and recycling into your own household bins there will be no option but to take it to Sainsbury who have some recycling space or more likely, Rose Hill recycling centre in Marple.

We are asking why the bins were removed.   At a similar site in Marple we have already seen rubbish left where people expected the recycling bins to be.


Apparently the removal was based on a review of the use of these sites and their removal will save the Council £50K a year.  The reasons given for removing them were:

  • They are misused by traders who should not be using them at all – traders have to pay to have their waste removed
  • The recycling contents were often contaminated with other waste that meant it was often rejected
  • The sites were often the targets for fly tipping – we can agree with this – it often happened at the commercial road site.

But, what about residents that relied on the sites because they could not have recycling bins at home – there does not seem to have been any consultation on their needs.  PLEASE let us know if this affects you.

Royal Oak Site Should Be Cleaned Up Soon

Today council officers have written to the current owners of the Royal Oak site to radically clean up the site.

“We have all been trying to get this done properly for months and now the council is finally in a position to formally request a complete clean up”, said Cllr Jon Twigge.  “If the site is not cleared in a month then more action will be taken.”

We are still waiting on more news on the McCarthy and Stone development which if passed would probably have meant a faster clean up as they took control of the site.

The full clean up should consist of:

  • Reglaze all broken windows to the front, rear and sides of the building OR cover all windows, doors and other opening to the building using metal shutters or painted plywood.
  • Remove all broken down/damaged or derelict motor vehicles being stored on the land.
  • Remove all fly tipped and other waste from the land and dispose of it at a licensed waste disposal site.
  • Remove all other extraneous waste and litter from the land and dispose of it at a licenced waste disposal site.
  • Cut back and remove all overgrown vegetation from the land and dispose of it at a licensed waste disposal site.

KFC Litter but A Positive Response

A call into KFC in recent weeks was met with a very disappointing site.

Cllr Jon Twigge was shocked to see that the local KFC is Hazel Grove had let the bins in their car park get so full and for so long that the result was that there was rubbish all over the car park – a clear health hazard as well as looking very untidy.  Many visitors had tried to keep things as tidy as possible by stacking rubbish by the bins but much of it had spread around the car park.

The photo below shows one of the bins full to overflowing:


“Despite being asked, staff at the KFC had still not cleaned up the mess an hour after I informed them it needed doing so I was left no choice but to complain to their head office, complete with a photo, using their online contact form.” said Jon.

The good news is that KFC’s customer care team responded to Jon’s online complaint very positively and on a more recent visit the car park was much cleaner and tidier.

Please don’t be shy when our local businesses fail like this – it is often quite easy to let them know through their website and their reputation is important to them so they normally respond positively.

KFC’s response in full:

Dear Jon,
Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us here at KFC and providing us with feedback about your experience at our Stockport – London Road restaurant. We love to hear from our customers as it helps us to focus on the things that matter most.
Firstly, we would like to apologise that on this occasion we did not meet the high standards that we always pride ourselves on.
Something has clearly gone wrong here, as we expect all of our restaurants teams to provide a clean and inviting environment for our customers!
Thank you for working with us on this, and please rest assured that we will be addressing your concerns directly with the restaurant that you visited. In addition, the Area Coach, Peter will be back in the restaurant again very soon to ensure we are maintaining our usual high standards.
We really hope that in the meantime you’ll give us the opportunity to serve you something from our tasty menu again!
Best wishes on behalf of all of us at KFC,