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The Lib Dems have submitted our response to the first stage of Stockport’s Local Plan consultation. “At the heart of the Lib Dem response is a two stage approach to house-building across the next 20 years – brownfield in the first years and green belt only later, if at all. “Major changes in the UK […]

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A6MARR Bus Bridge and Overall Progress Update

by jontwigge on 14 October, 2017

The Bus Bridge and Public Presentations: The huge delay of the new bus bridge along the old A6 that runs across the new A6MARR has been a disaster for some local residents who have faced a long walk down towards the police station to catch a bus. Originally to be opened this summer, along with […]

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Unstaffed Rail Stations could Become Crime Spots

by jontwigge on 10 October, 2017

As rail strikes continue in Greater Manchester the RMT, which represents many rail workers, claims that some unstaffed rail stations could become crime hotspots if plans to remove guards from some trains goes ahead. The RMT press statement says there are 330 unstaffed stations around the country – around 30 in Greater Manchester. Is it […]

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A6 in Stockport Due to Reopen on 16th October

by jontwigge on 9 October, 2017

The last works on the A6 bridge in the centre of Stockport are due to finish on 15th October with the road opening again on Monday 16th. Once the road is open again works will resume in St Mary’s to complete that area giving more capacity around Stockport. Please note that buses may be affected […]

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Stockport’s 16-18 year-old’s urged to get travel smart and register for a get me there card. Stockport Council is encouraging the 10,000 16-18 year olds who live in the borough to register for a get me there smart card. From September 3rd the card will enable all 16-18 years in Greater Manchester to be able […]

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Transport in Stockport – Hazel Grove Bypass

by jontwigge on 1 September, 2017

  The South East Manchester Multi-Modal (SEMMM) Strategy, or SEMMMS for short)  refresh is underway with a public consultation. The SEMMMS strategy is what brought us the A6MARR Manchester Airport relief road and also calls for the A6 to Bredbury road which includes our own Hazel Grove bypass (with a spur back to the A6 by Sainsbury). The […]

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Greater Manchester Spatial Framework Update

by jontwigge on 29 August, 2017

Having received 27,000 responses to the initial consultation the Mayor of Greater Manchester and council leaders have discussed the next steps for the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF). The first consultation said a total of over 19 thousand new houses are needed in Stockport in the coming 20 years and suggested that around 4,000 be […]

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Tories Under Pressure Over Northern Powercut

by paulankers on 26 July, 2017

Plans announced this week to reduce the amount of electrification of the key TransPennine route from Manchester to Leeds, have caused pressure for the Tories. In this BBC News website article the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is quoted admitting that the route will not be fully electrified despite the commitment from the Department for Transport […]

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Three Day Rail Strike to Hit Hazel Grove

by paulankers on 7 July, 2017

Local residents on Cooke St have called for an increase in the number of residential permit parking spaces on the street to accommodate the increased number of residents with permits wishing to park. Local Councillors on the Stepping Hill area Committee, including local LibDem Jon Twigge, will hear the petition on Tuesday evening (5th June). […]

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