A6 Sunday Lane Closures and Diversions Near St Mary’s Way

The years of heavy traffic on the A6, London Road, has taken its toll on the road and the drainage underneath it; the ongoing work associated with the drains under the A6 continues.


This time work will be between the junctions with Hatherlow Lane and Grundey Street, that section that passes Wetherspoons.  One lane northbound toward Stockport will be closed on three Sundays as follows:

  • Sunday 14th January
  • Sunday 21st January
  • Sunday 28th January

Also, work resumes on the 8th on St Mary’s Way to complete the major improvements associated with the Town Centre Access Plan.  The most significant effects will be:

  • it will not be possible to turn left from St Mary’s Way into Hall Street (the turn for Marple) for seven weeks from the 8th of January
  • St Mary’s Way will be closed overnight (8pm to 5:30pm) on weekdays for three weeks from the 15th January

Full details of this work are on the council website at:




Action on Speeding

It is hugely disappointing to know that Police resources are so stretched that speeding motorists get so little attention that some people seem to think that they can get away with incredible speeds and dangerous driving on our roads.

Recent announcements by the government that Police budgets are to be frozen this year (with a token gesture of extra money that will actually come out of our pockets if the mayor decides to raise the money) mean there is no likely prospect of things improving in the near future.

But we have not given up !

Today I have written to the Mayor of Greater Manchester asking that Greater Manchester Police should accept DashCam videos, of irresponsible driving, through the internet.

Dashboard Cameras out there allow you to automatically record what happens in front of your car (and some behind as well) for use in evidence if you have an accident or see dangerous driving.  Greater Manchester police should make it as easy as possible for members of the public to report such incidents.

Slimline Connected DashCams

New devices are getting better all the time and I am looking to buy one particular camera that supports very easy uploading of video to the internet to come out – it is due soon !   I look forward to the day when i can easily report dangerous driving to the police and know that something will be done about it!

With the support of the police to make it easy and enough people reporting dangerous driving the small minority that make our roads so dangerous may start to think twice before they risk other people’s lives !


Free Parking in Hazel Grove On Next Two Saturdays

All Council Car Parks in Hazel Grove will be free of charge for the next two Saturdays. In addition to this, there will be free parking in Stockport Town centre on the following days:

  • Monday 11th December to Friday 15th December, free after 3pm
  • Sunday 17th December, free all day
  • Monday 18th December to Friday 22nd December, free after 3pm
  • Sunday 24th December, free all day

Car parks where this offer applies: Merseyway, Redrock, Heaton Lane, Newbridge Lane, Churchgate, Knightsbridge.

The initiative, first introduced by the Liberal Democrats when they ran Stockport Council is intended to help bring in people to shop locally.

LibDem Paul Ankers is supportive “Christmas is an important time for shoppers & local businesses. Local Councils should support them. This is standard now. Town Hall bosses should be looking for new ways to strengthen Stockport.”

A6MARR Complementary Improvement Measures in Hazel Grove

The A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road (A6MARR) is expected to reduce traffic flow and congestion a little on some local roads in the surrounding areas, including some roads through Hazel Grove.

To find out more about the proposals, discuss them with the Stockport Council team and provide your comments we invite you to attend our drop-in session at Hazel Grove Library, Beech Avenue, 4-7pm on Tuesday 21st November 2017.

The Proposed View Under The Old A6 – From a Fly Through Video

It is normal for major road schemes like this to include mitigation measures for areas that will get busier and complementary measures where there will be reductions.  Complementary Measures can be to encourage walking and cycling and support district and local centres. These measures will be paid for out of the A6MARR budget.

From 14th November to 5th December 2017 Stockport Council is consulting with affected parties on the draft package of complementary measures that have been developed for Hazel Grove.

The list of measures is below – online you can click on the individual items for more details:  http://www.semmms.info/semmms/traffic-mitigation-complementary-measures/

1 – Davenport Road – Green Lane: Formalise cycle track status and review signing
2 – Commercial Road: Provide zebra crossing
3 – Grove Street: Provide contraflow cycle route
4 – Vine Street: Provide contraflow cycle route
5 – Chester Road / Grundy Street: Junction review
6 – Newby Road: Provide street lighting
7 – Rutters Lane – Newby Road: New off-carriageway cycle/pedestrian route link
8 – Station Street – Lowick Close: Widen path and convert to bridleway
9 – Allotment path: Formalise cycle track status (existing route)
10 – Chester Road: extend 20mph limit south of railway and narrowing of carriageway to reduce traffic speeds
11 – Brook Street: Improve cycle facilities at signalised junction
12 – Torkington Park: Widen footpath to accommodate shared cycle/footpath
13 – Torkington Park: Provide lighting to footpath
14 – Torkington Road / Offerton Road: Junction review, proposed mini-r’bout
15 – Melford Road: Footway construction and provision of bollards and barriers
16 – Racecourse Estate: Provide wayfinding cycle signs
17 – Mill Lane: Introduce A-frame barrier to allow through route for cyclists but preventing motorcyclists

You can give feedback at the drop in session at the library or alternatively, email the SEMMMs team at [email protected] or phone on 0161 474 2299.

The closing date for responses is 5th December 2017.


Macclesfield Road Weekday Overnight Closures from 6th November

Unfortunately, with all the works on the SEMMMS scheme we have more road closures, this time for drainage works and resurfacing on Macclesfield Road.

These works will require a total of five night time (weeknights 8pm to 6am) over the course of the two week period. The closure zone will be from just north of Towers Road to just south of Ashbourne Road, Hazel Grove.

During the full closure, a signed diversion route will be in place via A523 London Road North, A5149 Chester Road, A5102 Woodford Road/Bramhall Lane South, A5143 Bridge Lane/Jacksons Lane/ Dean Lane.

The Diversion Route


Woodford Road to Close Again: 24-27th Oct

During the school holiday week (24rd to 27th October) Woodford Road in Poynton will be closed again. On the Monday (23rd) there will be temporary traffic lights.  The work is to “complete the jointing on the new bridge”. During the closure there will be signs again at the junction with Chester Road and Dean Lane.

“The new road is welcome but the closures really inconvenience people. Hopefully this really will be the last closure of Woodford Road before the road to the airport opens next Spring” said Cllr Jon Twigge.

Full details from the council below:

  • Monday 23rd October:  Temporary traffic signals operating off peak from 9.30am to 3.30pm. Located from just south of Dog Hill Green Farm for a 200m stretch south;
  • Tuesday 24th to Thursday 26th October: Full road closure will be installed and operational by the traffic management crew during the early hours of the morning on Tuesday 24th and will be operating 24 hours a day before being taken off in the early hours of the morning on Thursday 26th October. The closure zone will remain as previously, from just north of Lower Park Road to just north of the access to Birch Hall Kennels.

It will not be possible to provide a pedestrian route through the road closure as works will be
taking place next to the new footpath, however, pedestrian access will be maintained when
the temporary signals are operating.

Bold Lib Dem Response to Stockport Local Plan Consultation

The Lib Dems have submitted our response to the first stage of Stockport’s Local Plan consultation.

“At the heart of the Lib Dem response is a two stage approach to house-building across the next 20 years – brownfield in the first years and green belt only later, if at all.

“Major changes in the UK due to Brexit and new transport technologies including driverless cars may mean we never need to release those Green Belt areas that the GMSF proposed to give away forever” said Cllr Jon Twigge.

“Everyone knows we need infrastructure to be in place for new homes, but often it does not happen. The A6 through Hazel Grove is already heavily congested and it can only get worse with a lot more housing before we get a bypass,” Jon added.

For a lot more detail and our reasoning behind the two stage planning you can see the Lib Dem response here.

This is the first of three consultations on the Local Plan. The next stage is for the Council to work up the details of what is being proposed where. That means that we’ll be seeing specific proposals for where homes should be built, along with all the other parts of the plan.

Sunday 22nd: Lane Closures on the A6

Council officers tell me that there will be carriageway repairs on the A6 next Sunday (22nd) and that they will require the use of temporary lane closures.

Solutions SK, working on behalf of Stockport Council, will be undertaking various repairs along London Road, Hazel Grove, between the junctions of Rosebery Street and Macclesfield Road.

Roseberry Street is just past Sainsbury which means there could be lane closures anywhere within the town centre.  I have asked for more detailed information on exactly where the work will be – anywhere close to the junction of Commercial Road in particular could cause long delays.

Update: I am told that there is one job on the northbound carriageway outside ASDA (at the bus stop) and three southbound between Commercial Road and Torkington Road.  My worst fears over the works – right turners at Commercial Road blocking the whole A6 – are thankfully, not to be realised.



A6MARR Bus Bridge and Overall Progress Update

The Bus Bridge and Public Presentations:

The huge delay of the new bus bridge along the old A6 that runs across the new A6MARR has been a disaster for some local residents who have faced a long walk down towards the police station to catch a bus.

Originally to be opened this summer, along with the whole of the project it has seen substantial delays, it is now finally due soon.  It has not helped at all that a design “issue” (someone messed up!) with the pavement at the Police Station end has meant the pavement has been closed on one side of the A6 for weeks as well.

I still hesitate to say exactly when it open because I can’t get a definitive answer yet – some weeks ago council officers indicated mid October, local bus companies currently have it scheduled for December but the latest news suggests it might not be quite that long. Work is now progressing with the surface of the old A6 being cleared ready for the new surface in the last week.

                              Old A6 Surface Cleared Close To Simpson’s

An update from the A6MARR team indicates, on their works map, that the resurfacing is to happen in October and November:

Full size version of the map at http://www.semmms.info/wp-content/uploads/Poynton_Hazel-Grove_Oct-to-Dec-17.pdf

A full presentation on progress so far will be held at the Civic Hall (London Road, Hazel Grove, SK7 4DF) on Monday 6th November.  You can drop in anytime between 3:30 and 7:30 where there will be both A6MARR and council officers to answer questions.

A6 in Stockport Due to Reopen on 16th October

The last works on the A6 bridge in the centre of Stockport are due to finish on 15th October with the road opening again on Monday 16th.

                                   The A6 before the closure

Once the road is open again works will resume in St Mary’s to complete that area giving more capacity around Stockport.

Please note that buses may be affected on the 15th / 16th so please check routes and stops for these days.