Christmas Bin Collections

Lots of us produce extra waste over the Christmas period (wrapping paper, parsnip peelings and one or two bottles…) and it can be easy to lose track of what day it is so check the collection calendar on the Council’s website here:

It has useful information in case of a disruption of service (for example if the weather gets really, really bad).

Is Poise Brook being maintained properly?

Local resident Susan Challinor contacted the team to raise concerns about maintenance of Poise Brook. The brook was one of the factor in the flooding that Hazel Grove experienced last summer.

Local sources suggest the brook was regularly maintained until about 6 years ago, but it is not now, leading to debris, including a bag of cement to accumulate.

LibDem Paul Ankers said, “Brook maintenance is specialist work. Local people would be unsafe doing this so the Council needs to deliver.”

Paul has contacted the Council to arrange clearance.


Commercial Rd Closed Overnight

Commercial Rd will be closed overnight after workmen found a void under the road. Contractors should be investigating and repairing the issue overnight. Most of the problems are caused by improper construction of utility networks and poor rehabilitation work.

LibDem Paul Ankers lives on Talbot St, very close to the area affected, ‘Some places, like Bangkok, proactively search for voids like this using radar technology. I guess our Council likes surprises, but I live in this area and I am concerned. It better open on Wednesday.’

Please follow diversions and plan for slower journeys because it seems unlikely to reopen before rush hour tomorrow.


Street Light Tracking and Council Tax Live

The latest update on the Council website is now live.

You can now report street light faults more easily and track where the repairs are up to.  Here is one I reported a couple of days ago:

Street Light Report


To track your reports you need to first register for a My Account at:

Once registered you can also see a lot more information more easily, you won’t have to keep entering your details.  And, you can also register to see your full council tax account details and payments.