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How Long Does it Take to Unblock A Drain?

by jontwigge on 24 July, 2017

It is great (or should that be grate?) that blocked drains can now be reported online and tracked. You can see I reported some in Peter Street below (I checked all of them in the street at the Commercial Road end): These particular drains have been reported before and have been blocked for some time […]

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Blocked Drains and Grids

by jontwigge on 3 June, 2017

Good news, the digital and design team have now made the new online reporting of blocked drains and grids live. This uses the same technology as reporting a faulty street light so you can now do all of the following things: find blocked grids on a map or by post code zoom in and see […]

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Better Street Light and Drains Reporting

by jontwigge on 6 December, 2016

As part of the Councillors Digital Update meetings Cllr Jon Twigge suggested getting street light reporting upgraded on the new website early. ┬áThat work is almost complete and should be live in a few weeks. ┬áThe new system will show much more information than the current one with a history of what has happened for […]

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