Waste in the Wrong Place Survey

by jontwigge on 2 September, 2018

Stockport Council is constantly striving to improve services and is currently running a Discovery Project called “Waste in the wrong place”.

The purpose of this project is to look at how Stockport residents report issues regarding litter and waste online, as well as the experience and process of doing so. With this information we can improve this process for both the residents and the council; hopefully resulting in quicker turnaround times for waste clearance and higher enforcement rates where applicable.

Please send the council your views at:


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  1. Helen Hill says:

    Bins from flats at top Queens rd. They put then on the street near barbers. If wrong itmes in bin. They dont get taken. Ie brown bins plus fridge freezer there now. Brown bins were there over 3 wks ago. Drunks tip them over plus kids tip over. Ends up a right mess and carnt walk past them. They need a letter informing them what goes in what. But passers by put stuff in them as well.

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