Bad Weather Means More Potholes – Please Report Them

The recent snow and ice means we are seeing more potholes. Cold winters damage our roads and that means potholes have become bigger and new ones have turned up.

 Examples of significant potholes that can be reported for repair

The Lib Dem team are calling on the Council to properly resurface some of the worst roads in the next year, as part of the Lib Dem £100m road and pavement repair programme. The other bad roads should be done over the next few years in that nine-year programme.

But we need bad potholes to repaired now, there are some nasty ones, and if they are deep the council will repair them quickly.

If you spot a bad pothole, please take a minute to report it to the Council at

Torkington Road Pelican Crossing Fails Again

The pelican crossing lights on Torkington Road near to the park have failed again today.

A Typical Pelican Crossing

We have reported this to the TfGM emergency number to try to get them fixed as soon as possible.  Being a Sunday, the line went through direct to TfGM’s contractor, and we spoke to someone in Hampshire!

A lot of people use this crossing to get to and from Torkington Park and when it is busy it is not easy to cross.  What makes it more difficult is that in one direction the cars are travelling quickly but in the other direction towards the A6 they are queueing and moving stop / start as the main A6 traffic lights change. The junction very close by with Hazelwood Road makes it even more complicated.  Pedestrians have to get through the queueing traffic and then look for faster cars going in the other direction.

What is more worrying is that this is not the first time these lights have failed recently so we are asking why is this – were they not repaired properly last time?

LibDems Fight For Transport Improvements

LibDems have campaigned for road safety improvements in Hazel Grove. Cllr Jon Twigge secured the speed indicator that has been moved around the ward this autumn.

Some improvements that are likely to be completed in 2018 include:

  • A Zebra Crossing on Commercial road
  • Review of the One Way system around Chester Rd/Grundey Rd
  • A mini roundabout at the Offerton Rd & Torkington Rd junction to reduce speeding.
  • Cycle lane improvements on Grove St, Vine St, Mill Lane & behind McDonalds (which will be completed)

Paul said, “We need a better deal for pedestrians & cyclists. There are a shocking number of accidents in Hazel Grove.

Your LibDem Team will continue to fight for road improvements.

LibDem Anger at Rising Crime

LibDem Campaigner Paul Ankers is challenging the Tories to fix rising crime in Hazel Grove.

Fed Up bobbies have told the Manchester Evening News that crooks ‘take advantage’ of policing cuts. Criminals are laughing at the Police and it is all down to Tory cuts.

Home Office figures show that crime rose by 31 per cent – an additional 70,000 crimes – in the year up to June 2017.

Paul Ankers said, “Local services are being cut to the bone. Somebody needs to stand up for law and order. The Tories aren’t standing up for Hazel Grove”.

LibDems Say Bring Back Royal Mail Collections to Hazel Grove

Local LibDems Paul Ankers & Jon Twigge are demanding that missed delivery collections should be available for collection from Hazel Grove.

Hazel Grove lost its collection office a few years ago with packages needing to be collected on the other side of Stockport near the Pyramid. But when Marple & Romiley lost their sorting office, they kept collections in the town.

Paul Ankers said, “We have to travel about 6 miles if the postie comes when we are at work. Our neighbouring towns are okay, but why does Hazel Grove get the thin end of the wedge.”

Paul Ankers has launched a petition to put pressure on to bring post office collections home to Hazel Grove.

Deep Cuts Proposed to Adult Non Residential Care Fee Support

The Conservative Government’s dogmatic and heartless drive to completely stop central government’s funding for council budgets regardless of the consequences is biting ever deeper.  In just a few years time Stockport will no longer receive a Revenue Support Grant from the government and will have to rely on locally collected income for most services.

Next year’s further heavy cuts mean even more services will be cut or reduced including adult social care funding. This time, some of the cuts will fall on some of our most vulnerable members of society – those that need care at home.

From 2020 Stockport will no longer receive a Revenue Support Grant from the government !

With no choice but to cut costs the council is consulting on possible changes to the levels of support that people may receive to help with their care costs.

You can have your say using the council’s website here:

Some of the services under threat of less funding support include:

Home care – when a carer visits a person at home on a regular basis to offer personal care and support with things like washing and dressing.
Day Services – for people who benefit from structured activities and social interaction whilst also offering a break for carers.
Extra care – where an onsite team of staff provide care and support to people living in a sheltered housing environment.
Telecare – a monitoring and response service that helps to protect and support people. Sensors are placed in the home which raise the alarm in the event of a fall or any other emergency.

Cllr Jon Twigge said, “Stockport has resisted cuts like these for years but with such severe budget pressures some services will have to be reduced.  It is time to look much harder as a society on how we distribute our wealth and the implications of holding back support from those most in need.”

How Much of Stockport is Built On?

The BBC has a handy tool that allows you to look at any part of the UK and see how much of it is built on – and compare that to the national average.  It would be great to look down in more detail to see Hazel Grove but the tool only goes to the Stockport level which is still fascinating to see.

As Stockport is mostly urban, it’s no surprise that we are more built-on than the average (which will include all the rural areas), nor that we have rather less farmland and natural land. Manchester, by comparison, is 67% built, while Cheshire East is just 8% built. (Cheshire East is mostly farmland – 83% – and has little more natural land than Stockport).

With Stockport planning housing for the next twenty years, Cllr Iain Roberts, a previous leader of Stockport Lib Dems said “There is a huge amount of derelict, unused and under-used brownfield land, especially in Stockport itself. The challenge is to unlock it and make the finance stack up to bring forward development. It ranges from the mess that’s Knightbridge (between the Peel Centre and the motorway) to under-utililised land, like single storey workshops around the town centre. If we focus building around transport hubs we’ll also minimise the effects on the roads. It’s not easy though. The easier option is always to say ‘let’s build on those fields and worry about the cars and pollution later’, as Cheshire East have done.”

Killer fact from the Beeb: the amount of land covered by buildings in Britain is less than the amount of land revealed when the tide goes out!

From the BBC story – Five Mind Blowing Facts About What the UK Looks Like

McCarthy and Stone Commercial Road Consultation

McCarthy and Stone would like to hear from the community on its plans to create Retirement Living accommodation on the site of the former Royal Oak Hotel, Commercial Road, Hazel Grove.

The Site on Commercial Road

The site currently has outline planning permission for 10 dwellings, but McCarthy and Stone have come forward with an alternative vision. They propose to be transform the site into a development, comprising around 40 one and two-bedroom Retirement Living apartments, complete with professionally landscaped gardens and onsite parking.

Local residents are invited to view the proposals at a public exhibition on Wednesday 8 November 2017, between 3pm and 7pm at St Peter’s Parish Centre, 16 Green Lane, Hazel Grove, SK7 4EA. Members of the McCarthy and Stone project team will be on hand at the public exhibition to answer questions, and listen to feedback from residents.

Ian Wilkins, Regional Managing Director for McCarthy and Stone North-West Region, said “We are looking forward to speaking to the local community about our proposals, and hearing their feedback. This development would provide much-needed specialist housing in Hazel Grove and would positively contribute to the local community through a high-quality, attractive design.”


You can see the project website with the initial proposals at:

Macclesfield Road Weekday Overnight Closures from 6th November

Unfortunately, with all the works on the SEMMMS scheme we have more road closures, this time for drainage works and resurfacing on Macclesfield Road.

These works will require a total of five night time (weeknights 8pm to 6am) over the course of the two week period. The closure zone will be from just north of Towers Road to just south of Ashbourne Road, Hazel Grove.

During the full closure, a signed diversion route will be in place via A523 London Road North, A5149 Chester Road, A5102 Woodford Road/Bramhall Lane South, A5143 Bridge Lane/Jacksons Lane/ Dean Lane.

The Diversion Route