Temp Macclesfield Road Lights for Four Weeks

From this morning (Monday 30th July) the new temporary traffic lights on Macclesfield Road will be there for four weeks.

More temporary traffic lights !

Unfortunately the 24 hour 7 days a week lights are needed for work on the junction with the new Airport Relief Road.  We know that local residents will be relieved when the road finally opens in the next few months !


Making Contacting the Council Easy Again

I am passionate about restoring the Council’s communications – too many people struggle to reach the Council when they need them because the Council does not have the money or resources to run a large telephone contact centre any more.

Earlier this year I attended UCExpo in London which was all about Unified Communications – making sure that organisations can provide a great service across all contact systems from phone, email and online in a seamless way. If you want to see more see – https://www.ucexpo.co.uk for next years event.

We may be some time before we can actually see one of these systems in operation here in Stockport but it is great to see Council officers open to exploring these new opportunities.  The good news is that the first commercial systems with voice recognition are starting to appear and first impressions are that they will revolutionise the Councils capacity to interact with the public and I want to see Stockport as one of the first Council’s to use these systems.

My vision is that as well as anybody being able to easily ring the council again, modern systems will make sure the phone is answered quickly and simple questions will be answered immediately. The artificial intelligence systems can learn from everything on the website and answer questions on any of those subjects. Having many simple questions answered automatically frees up council staff to answer more complex questions when they are needed. These systems can even redirect people with access to the internet to the right web page they need if there is one.

Stockport Local Fund

A series of workshops will take place over the next few weeks where you can get an overview of the fund. You’ll find out when the fund opens, how to apply and where to get advice and support. You’ll also find out what type of projects we’re looking for.

Upcoming workshops include:

Monday 25 June 2018 6pm – 8pm Walthew House, 112 Shaw Heath, SK2 6QS
Thursday 28 June 2018 10am – 12pm Bridgehall Community Centre, SK3 8LX
Monday 02 July 2018 10am – 12pm First House, Brinnington, SK5 8EN
Tuesday 03 July 2018 10am – 12pm Hazel Grove Civic Hall, SK7 4DF

No advance booking is required – just turn up on the day. Full details of all events are available here: stockport.gov.uk/events/?tag=SLFworkshops

Stepping Hill Area Committee – Reporting Back

New Hazel Grove Councillor Paul Ankers attended last week’s Stepping Hill Area Committee and raised a number of points on your behalf.

  • Council Officers are now Looking at whether the near speed bumps on Bean Leach Rd are too tall.
  • Raised issues with the routing of particular cycle lanes.
  • Called for Council officers to ensure rail franchises can’e erode services like Northern are now.
  • Car on the Royal Oak site
  • Supported funding applications for Torkington House Residents & Norbury Lacrosse Club

Paul commented “It is important to stand up for local residents and take our views to the Town Hall.”

You can view the webcast here.     Please note Paul first speaks just after 1 hour in. The first hour is devoted to interesting debates, but mainly focused on Offerton ward.

Stockport Parents Reminded to Apply for Yellow Bus Places

Stockport parents are being urged to take action and book places for their children on school bus services for the next academic year.

Applications for the Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) Yellow School Bus services, can be completed online from Monday 4 June. Anyone without internet access can call 0161 244 1000 for more information.

Stockport schools serviced by the yellow school bus services are as follows:

  • Cheadle Catholic Junior School
  • Harrytown Catholic High School
  • Hazel Grove High School
  • Marple Hall School
  • Reddish Vale Technology College
  • Werneth School

Due to high levels of demand applications received before 30 June are more likely to be allocated a place. From this date onwards if a bus is fully allocated no further places will be made available.

Pupils should ensure that they either already have an igo card or have applied for an igo card in order to use the service. Children without an igo card will not be allowed to pay the concessionary fare on a Yellow School Bus.

LibDems Win in Hazel Grove

Paul Ankers was elected the new Councillor for Hazel Grove with a record vote of 1965.
The result was:

LibDem Paul Ankers 1965
Conservative 1810
Labour 553
Green 165

Paul commented at the count, “This is a humbling result, when you think that one in five of your neighbours back you to be the person that makes Hazel Grove better.”

Cllr Jon Twigge was delighted, “We have some big challenges in Hazel Grove, like congestion, road safety & other Council failures. Paul has proven himself as a strong voice to tackle those challenges. “

Bad Weather Means More Potholes – Please Report Them

The recent snow and ice means we are seeing more potholes. Cold winters damage our roads and that means potholes have become bigger and new ones have turned up.

 Examples of significant potholes that can be reported for repair

The Lib Dem team are calling on the Council to properly resurface some of the worst roads in the next year, as part of the Lib Dem £100m road and pavement repair programme. The other bad roads should be done over the next few years in that nine-year programme.

But we need bad potholes to repaired now, there are some nasty ones, and if they are deep the council will repair them quickly.

If you spot a bad pothole, please take a minute to report it to the Council at https://www.stockport.gov.uk/start/pot-hole-and-tripping-hazard-report

Torkington Road Pelican Crossing Fails Again

The pelican crossing lights on Torkington Road near to the park have failed again today.

A Typical Pelican Crossing

We have reported this to the TfGM emergency number to try to get them fixed as soon as possible.  Being a Sunday, the line went through direct to TfGM’s contractor, and we spoke to someone in Hampshire!

A lot of people use this crossing to get to and from Torkington Park and when it is busy it is not easy to cross.  What makes it more difficult is that in one direction the cars are travelling quickly but in the other direction towards the A6 they are queueing and moving stop / start as the main A6 traffic lights change. The junction very close by with Hazelwood Road makes it even more complicated.  Pedestrians have to get through the queueing traffic and then look for faster cars going in the other direction.

What is more worrying is that this is not the first time these lights have failed recently so we are asking why is this – were they not repaired properly last time?

LibDems Fight For Transport Improvements

LibDems have campaigned for road safety improvements in Hazel Grove. Cllr Jon Twigge secured the speed indicator that has been moved around the ward this autumn.

Some improvements that are likely to be completed in 2018 include:

  • A Zebra Crossing on Commercial road
  • Review of the One Way system around Chester Rd/Grundey Rd
  • A mini roundabout at the Offerton Rd & Torkington Rd junction to reduce speeding.
  • Cycle lane improvements on Grove St, Vine St, Mill Lane & behind McDonalds (which will be completed)

Paul said, “We need a better deal for pedestrians & cyclists. There are a shocking number of accidents in Hazel Grove.

Your LibDem Team will continue to fight for road improvements.

LibDem Anger at Rising Crime

LibDem Campaigner Paul Ankers is challenging the Tories to fix rising crime in Hazel Grove.

Fed Up bobbies have told the Manchester Evening News that crooks ‘take advantage’ of policing cuts. Criminals are laughing at the Police and it is all down to Tory cuts.

Home Office figures show that crime rose by 31 per cent – an additional 70,000 crimes – in the year up to June 2017.

Paul Ankers said, “Local services are being cut to the bone. Somebody needs to stand up for law and order. The Tories aren’t standing up for Hazel Grove”.