Hazel Grove MP Votes Against Animal Welfare Clause

Local Lib Dems have expressed disappointment that Hazel Grove’s Conservative MP, William Wragg, voted against keeping the EU animal welfare standard that the UK itself put into EU law 20 years ago.

“It was the UK that initially succeeded in getting the EU to accept that animals should be treated as sentient: able to feel pain, hunger, heat and cold. This clause would have transferred and protected that right in UK law after Brexit,” said Cllr Jon Twigge.

The proposal, from Caroline Lucas and the Greens, was supported by the Lib Dems and Labour. The Conservatives voted it down, meaning that there is now no certainty over animal welfare conditions in the UK after Brexit.

The vote, followed comments from Boris Johnson saying that attempts to ban bull-fighting were ­“political ­correctness gone mad”. At the General Election the Conservatives suggested that they might legalise fox hunting.

“Animal welfare is important to British people but we have been let down on this yet again,” said Jon.

Public and NHS Staff are tired of Tory empty promises

Responding to Jeremy Hunt’s speech at Conservative Party conference on Tuesday, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Norman Lamb said:

“The public and NHS staff have grown tired of these empty promises.

“Time and again this government has announced fantasy numbers on extra GPs, nurses and doctors, while in the real world numbers continue to fall.

“Despite repeated pledges to create more training posts, applications for nursing places fell by a fifth this year after the government recklessly scrapped bursaries for student nurses.

“Today’s announcement does nothing to address the current nursing shortages that are already putting patient care under threat.
“If Jeremy Hunt really wants to fix the chronic shortage of nurses in our NHS, his government urgently needs to reinstate nursing bursaries, lift the pay cap and guarantee EU nationals’ rights after Brexit.”

Tories Under Pressure Over Northern Powercut

Plans announced this week to reduce the amount of electrification of the key TransPennine route from Manchester to Leeds, have caused pressure for the Tories.

In this BBC News website article the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is quoted admitting that the route will not be fully electrified despite the commitment from the Department for Transport back in 2015 that it would be.

Local council candidate, Paul Ankers, a regular commuter from Hazel Grove commented “This downgrade to the Northern Powerhouse calls into question how committed the Tories are to this project”


Don’t forget to vote if you have a postal vote

Postal votes landed in Hazel Grove on Friday. If you haven’t got yours by tuesday, please contact the Council.

This election looks really close. Voters are returning in droves to the LibDems and the result on 8th June could be the closest we have seen here in years.

Please get your postal vote returned early. And please choose Lisa Smart & the Liberal Democrats.

12% Budget Cut at Torkington Primary

Hazel Grove Schools face savage cuts under Tory plans to divert funds from areas like Greater Manchester to the leafy shires.

Torkington Primary is one of the worst to suffer in the area. £1 in every £8 will be slashed from its budget meaning a loss of $448 per pupil or the funding for 3 teachers.

Local LibDem Paul Ankers said, “This is a savage attack on local education. Our Tory MP is from Hazel Grove, but he either isn’t fighting our corner or doesn’t have much sway with Theresa May”

How St Simons Primary will lose £317 per pupil over next two years?

Tory cuts are set to hit hard in the home town of our Conservative MP. Over £50k will be slashed from the budget of our local catholic school.

The government funding formula is being revamped, but it is to hide cuts of over £2Bn. Most of the cuts are falling on the shoulders of urban areas like ours.

LibDem Campaigner Paul Ankers said, “This is not on. It will cost jobs and harm pupil results. Having a Tory MP does nothing to help Hazel Grove.”

How Much Will School Budgets Be Slashed At Hazel Grove Primary?

Stockport schools are set to lose £15M by 2019 and Hazel Grove schools will suffer too.

Hazel Grove Primary is set to lose £140,825. This is £429 per pupil. It could mean the loss of four teachers.

Hazel Grove LibDem Paul Ankers said, “Tory plans to improve funding to rural schools is political, take money from the poor & give to the rich. This sort of thing needs to be fought.”

For more infomation, visit this site http://www.schoolcuts.org.uk




Cllr Lisa Smart Chosen to Fight General Election

Local Councillor Lisa Smart will be the Liberal Democrat candidate for the constituency of Hazel Grove at the General Election on June 8th 2017.

Lisa has a track record of campaigning for better services at Stepping Hill Hospital, standing up against Conservative and Labour plans to bulldoze our greenbelt and winning fights to keep local buses on the road.

In this election Hazel Grove is a clear fight between hard working local Councillor Lisa Smart and the Conservatives.

The Labour Party are a mess. Fighting among themselves rather than fighting the government. Only the Liberal Democrats will stand up against this Conservative government.

Tim Farron MP, leader of the Lib Dems said, “This election is your chance to change the direction of our country.

“If you want to avoid a disastrous Hard Brexit. If you want to keep Britain in the Single Market. If you want a Britain that is open, tolerant and united, this is your chance.”

Lisa added, “As a local Councillor it’s a privilege to stand up for residents at the Town Hall. I’m keen to take that fight to Westminster.”

Hazel Grove campaigner Paul Ankers said, “Lisa Smart impresses me each time I meet her. I think she will put Hazel Grove on the map, whilst the current Tory has been anonymous even in his home ward.”

The North West’s Social Care Crisis

The BBC Radio 4 Today programme highlighted this morning the particular problem in recruitment in Stockport Council,  managed by the Labour party, based on a report by Independent Age which pointed out  2 out of 3 care homes in the North West of England are inadequate or require improvement. Another report, by the charity Skills for Care brought up that 1 in 20 jobs within care remain vacant.

In addition commenting on reports that more than 900 adult social care workers a day quit their job in England last year, Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary, said:

“The NHS and the care system is lurching from crisis to crisis. There is a massive risk that with the Prime Minister’s obsessive focus on pursuing a hard Brexit it is tying up the government so that it is chronically mismanaging other sectors.

“Theresa May’s continued failure to guarantee the future of EU citizens in the UK is only going to create a bigger workforce crisis in the years to come.”