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Thank you to all local residents who cast a vote this May and an extra special thanks to the 1,993 of you who voted for Lou Ankers and the local Lib Dem team. The Lib Dem team will continue fighting on the issues that matter to local residents. If you want to get in touch […]

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Stockport Labour Budget Thrown Out

by paulankers on 25 February, 2019

On Thursday night, the Labour budget was voted down, the first time such a thing has occurred in thirty years. Labour’s plans, which include scrapping the free town centre Metroshuttle bus, were voted down by Lib Dem and Conservative councillors. The move came after Labour blocked a Lib Dem amendment which sought to take power […]

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Government Fails Local Communities Again

by jontwigge on 4 October, 2018

Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, has said that due to an unexpected announcement from the government the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) is being delayed again. The GMSF describes the number of new homes, and industrial land, required across the whole region in the coming decades. The new announcement means that the government is adjusting […]

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Lib Dems Support People’s Vote for Brexit

by jontwigge on 3 September, 2018

The Lib Dem team are supporting a campaign for a People’s Vote on the final deal. If you believe that the people deserve a democratic vote on the final Brexit deal, you can sign the petition below: “No one knew the details of Brexit in 2016. As a democrat, I believe that people should […]

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Frightening Effects of Not So Savvy Government Cuts

by jontwigge on 26 February, 2018

One of our local charities, Stockport Action for Voluntary Youth or SAVY, is closing its doors in March after nearly 30 years of helping local young people. Due to ever more austerity from the Tory government and the savage cuts to local government funding SAVY can no longer get core funding that would allow it […]

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Hazel Grove MP Votes Against Animal Welfare Clause

by jontwigge on 19 November, 2017

Local Lib Dems have expressed disappointment that Hazel Grove’s Conservative MP, William Wragg, voted against keeping the EU animal welfare standard that the UK itself put into EU law 20 years ago. “It was the UK that initially succeeded in getting the EU to accept that animals should be treated as sentient: able to feel […]

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Responding to Jeremy Hunt’s speech at Conservative Party conference on Tuesday, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Norman Lamb said: “The public and NHS staff have grown tired of these empty promises. “Time and again this government has announced fantasy numbers on extra GPs, nurses and doctors, while in the real world numbers continue to fall. “Despite […]

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Tories Under Pressure Over Northern Powercut

by paulankers on 26 July, 2017

Plans announced this week to reduce the amount of electrification of the key TransPennine route from Manchester to Leeds, have caused pressure for the Tories. In this BBC News website article the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is quoted admitting that the route will not be fully electrified despite the commitment from the Department for Transport […]

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Don’t forget to vote if you have a postal vote

by paulankers on 29 May, 2017

Postal votes landed in Hazel Grove on Friday. If you haven’t got yours by tuesday, please contact the Council. This election looks really close. Voters are returning in droves to the LibDems and the result on 8th June could be the closest we have seen here in years. Please get your postal vote returned early. […]

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12% Budget Cut at Torkington Primary

by paulankers on 15 May, 2017

Hazel Grove Schools face savage cuts under Tory plans to divert funds from areas like Greater Manchester to the leafy shires. Torkington Primary is one of the worst to suffer in the area. £1 in every £8 will be slashed from its budget meaning a loss of $448 per pupil or the funding for 3 […]

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