Council Removes Recycling Facilities from Commercial Road

by jontwigge on 27 March, 2018

As part of the cost cutting measures right across Stockport the council has removed their recycling bins from the car park on Commercial Road in Hazel Grove.

Recycling Bins Being Removed

The theory is that all residents should now have their own recycling bins provided by the council and that companies should not have been using these public recycling bins anyway.

The area has regularly been a site for fly tipping because people already had too much rubbish and recycling and we fear that some people will continue to leave rubbish there as they are used to using the site.  Now, if you cannot fit all your waste and recycling into your own household bins there will be no option but to take it to Sainsbury who have some recycling space or more likely, Rose Hill recycling centre in Marple.

We are asking why the bins were removed.   At a similar site in Marple we have already seen rubbish left where people expected the recycling bins to be.


Apparently the removal was based on a review of the use of these sites and their removal will save the Council £50K a year.  The reasons given for removing them were:

  • They are misused by traders who should not be using them at all – traders have to pay to have their waste removed
  • The recycling contents were often contaminated with other waste that meant it was often rejected
  • The sites were often the targets for fly tipping – we can agree with this – it often happened at the commercial road site.

But, what about residents that relied on the sites because they could not have recycling bins at home – there does not seem to have been any consultation on their needs.  PLEASE let us know if this affects you.

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