TWO Pedestrian Crossings for Commercial Rd

by paulankers on 30 January, 2020

Two much needed crossings are set to be installed on Commercial Road in 2020.
Local people have wanted a crossing for years, but Town Hall bosses let Hazel Grove down when funding was in place from Sainsbury’s.
Your LibDem teams have campaigned for this as part of their road safety campaigns and two crossings are on their way; one close to Springfield surgery and the other closer to the new MacCarthy & Stone apartments.
LibDem Councillor Lou Ankers said, “I take my daughter to Hazel Grove Primary and am often fearful for crossing Commercial Rd and I know I am not alone. I want our local people to feel safe and this will give many of us peace of mind.”


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    Will the traffic lights for the A6 be re-phased to accommodate the congestion the lights at Springfield surgery will cause as these will probably be used quite frequently? They may also cause traffic turning off the A6 to back up. Currently at busy times the queue often stretches past the new McCarthy & Stone development.

  2. paulankers says:

    That is true sometimes. The phasing of the lights are a problem and the root of those problems lie in existence of three supermarkets in close proximity.
    These schemes are designed to tackle speeding and make it safer for pedestrians. No car held up at the Zebra crossing near Springfield surgery would ever make it out past the lights currently. So I don’t see these crossings as improving the lot of a car driver, so more must be done there, but it won’t make it worse.

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