Frightening Effects of Not So Savvy Government Cuts

by jontwigge on 26 February, 2018

One of our local charities, Stockport Action for Voluntary Youth or SAVY, is closing its doors in March after nearly 30 years of helping local young people.

Due to ever more austerity from the Tory government and the savage cuts to local government funding SAVY can no longer get core funding that would allow it to keep running safely.

We also here of constant anti social behaviour (ASB) here in Hazel Grove where the police simply do not have the resources to deal with it quickly and effectively. The recent Lib Dem crime survey showed large numbers of people have suffered from ASB and are worried about crime in general.

THe ongoing cuts to our services in so many areas are leaving staff stretched and stressed just when we need better social and community engagement.

Jon Twigge, local Lib Dem Cllr said, “It has to be time to put the brakes on austerity and recommit to a fairly funded society to educate and support everyone. The alternative, without great organisations like SAVY, is a devastating and ever growing insecurity in many services and areas of society.”

SAVY manager, Vicky Bloomfield, put out the official statement:

“Stockport Action for Voluntary Youth, or ‘SAVY’ to those who know us best will be closing our youth centre doors for the last time on Thursday 29th March 2018. This is due to difficulty in securing core funding that we need to run the charity in a safe and professional manner.

Since 1991 SAVY have had young people’s needs at the heart of all that we do and it is with deep regret, we announce an end to our Youth Work delivery across the borough of Stockport.

With an amazing team of professional Youth Workers we have enjoyed seeing young people flourish and develop in to young adults, becoming active citizens in their local communities.

On the behalf of the team and our Executive Committee, thank you to the partners and volunteers who have supported us throughout and to the children and young people who have put their faith in us for almost 30 years.

We will be sharing our achievements and memories in our final newsletter, March 2018. For more details please visit

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