Stockport Labour Budget Thrown Out

by paulankers on 25 February, 2019

On Thursday night, the Labour budget was voted down, the first time such a thing has occurred in thirty years.

Labour’s plans, which include scrapping the free town centre Metroshuttle bus, were voted down by Lib Dem and Conservative councillors. The move came after Labour blocked a Lib Dem amendment which sought to take power away from the town hall and give it to local people and ward councillors in each area around the borough.

The Lib Dem amendment would also have saved £11,000 by scrapping the meal councillors have before each Full Council meeting. Labour and Conservative councillors voted to keep the free food.

Councils have a legal duty to set a balanced budget, so the council will meet again next Tuesday (26th).

Cllr Paul Ankers commented, “This budget could be improved. It is determined to take powers away from local people. Labour’s answer to everything is to take the power away from the people. Many of you with long memories wish that local government was still run from Torkington Lodge and not Stopford House.”

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