How Long Does it Take to Unblock A Drain?

by jontwigge on 24 July, 2017

It is great (or should that be grate?) that blocked drains can now be reported online and tracked.

You can see I reported some in Peter Street below (I checked all of them in the street at the Commercial Road end):

These particular drains have been reported before and have been blocked for some time but the new system lets us track progress of the reports.  One of them shown below:

These drains were reported on the 1st of July and according to the report they were inspected on the 21st – not within the 10 working days promised but not too much longer.  What we don’t know yet is when they will actually be unblocked.

I will be checking the system for news.

If you do know of other blocked drains it is easy to report them online now at:

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