Barclays Branch in Hazel Grove to Close

by jontwigge on 19 August, 2018

Unfortunately, Barclays Bank tell us that their branch in Hazel Grove will close on Friday 7th December.

Banks now have to consult with customers and the community before the branch actually closes – please let us know if this will affect you badly and we can pass on your comments to Barclays.

It is really disappointing to hear of another bank closure making it more difficult for customers.  The nearest branch left will be in Stockport town centre (1 Bridge St, Stockport SK1 1XU) but for some people other branches in Marple and Bramhall may be more convenient and are only slightly further away.

On a slightly better note, customers will still be able to pay in cheques and cash at the post office inside Asda.

We are writing to Barclays to let them know how disappointed we are and if the decision is final or if anything can be done to change it.  With a lot less people using local branches especially now that many people are now using their phones and computers to manage their bank accounts it seems that in many places the closures of branches is becoming a complete crisis with many people really struggling to cope travelling to distant branches.

Personally, I would like to see the government back a scheme of shared branches across all the banks so that no one is left without any access to a local branch and the services they provide.  Costs could be split across all the banks based on the number of customers they have around the country.

I am also suggesting that the bank might help some people to set up their phones for banking before the branch closes.


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  1. Margaret Worthington says:

    We won’t have bank at all soon with rbs closing poynton and Stockport branches, my husband is a wheelchair user and it seems ridiculous that along with many many older people will find it difficult to bank in our area at all. It’s all very well saying that the post office is available in hazel grove but the queues are already 20 minutes long and this will only put more pressure on the staff there.

    • jontwigge says:

      Hi Margaret,

      I know, maybe losing RBS as well makes it even worse. Lisa is working with the team to fight the RBS closure with a campaign at For RBS customers they will be able to use the Nat West branch in Hazel Grove – in some places like Romiley there will not be any bank at all if they close. !


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