Ask for Angela – Help With Domestic Abuse

by jontwigge on 25 July, 2018

Citizens Advice in Stockport are today launching a six month trial of a new support service for domestic abuse victims.

Domestic abuse is a common problem in the UK. An Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey in 2014 determined that 30% of women and 16% of men had reported suffering domestic abuse at some time in their adulthood (ONS, 2014).

Greater Manchester Police released figures which show that there have were 1589 cases of domestic abuse reported in Stockport in 2017.

The “Ask for Angela” initiative was first started in Lincolnshire to allow people in difficult situations to discreetly ask for help in bars and nightclubs without having to explain why. Staff were trained that if anyone ‘Asked for Angela’ they should be helped without questions first.

This project worked well and has been picked up by Citizens Advice in Stockport as a way for visitors to quietly say they would like help with a domestic abuse issue without having to explain it at the counter. They will immediately be taken to a private and supportive room where they can explain safely.

Citizens Advice in Stockport operate a free, confidential, independent, impartial advice and information drop-in 5 days a week on the ground floor of the Councils Fred Perry House, 9.30am-4pm.

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