A6 Sunday Lane Closures and Diversions Near St Mary’s Way

by jontwigge on 5 January, 2018

The years of heavy traffic on the A6, London Road, has taken its toll on the road and the drainage underneath it; the ongoing work associated with the drains under the A6 continues.


This time work will be between the junctions with Hatherlow Lane and Grundey Street, that section that passes Wetherspoons.  One lane northbound toward Stockport will be closed on three Sundays as follows:

  • Sunday 14th January
  • Sunday 21st January
  • Sunday 28th January

Also, work resumes on the 8th on St Mary’s Way to complete the major improvements associated with the Town Centre Access Plan.  The most significant effects will be:

  • it will not be possible to turn left from St Mary’s Way into Hall Street (the turn for Marple) for seven weeks from the 8th of January
  • St Mary’s Way will be closed overnight (8pm to 5:30pm) on weekdays for three weeks from the 15th January

Full details of this work are on the council website at:





2 Responses

  1. Mr. Mike Keeley says:

    I do not see a reason to stop cars from turning left onto Hall Street from St. Marys Way. Granted HGVs and large vans could not turn left because there is not enough room and if you think about it allowing cars to turn left will cut down congestion further up St. Marys Way. Just a thought?

    • jontwigge says:

      Hi Mike,

      you are right that cars could physically turn left but it would be a slow turn and cause more congestion to back up on St Mary’s. And I suspect you would get some lorries trying as well really causing chaos. Hopefully it won’t be for too much longer !

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