Realigned A6 Streetlights On All Day?

by jontwigge on 27 July, 2017

Some of you may have noticed the street lights on the realigned A6 as you travel towards High Lane have been on all day.


“I was asked to look into why the street lights on the realigned section of the A6 were on all the time.  That is a lot of lights to be on all the time and a waste of a lot of electricity, despite the new lights using energy efficient LED technology.  As it happens, this time it was not a fault, just that the lights are not yet connected to the mains but this will soon be put right.” said Lib Dem Cllr Jon Twigge.

The A6 MARR team gace a full explanation:

There is some lighting yet to be installed at the north and south tie ins and also around the T junction with the new link road.
The feeder pillars for lighting and traffic signals are waiting for the mains electricity supplies so in lieu of this we have provided temporary generators at the north and south ends of the new A6.

At the High Lane end (south tie in) a generator is supplying both traffic signals and street lighting, as the traffic signals need to be on continuously so by default do the street lights. At the Hazel Grove end (north tie in) we have a generator supplying street lighting only, this was fitted with a timer so that the lights were off during the day.

The lights are all fitted with a remote switching and monitoring system which will need to be commissioned once the mains supplies are in place and then formally handed over to SMBC control.

Once the handover of the street lighting is complete, the street lights will be added into the SMBC system and will then be visible on the online form reporting page. Works in this area are ongoing and the street lighting installation in planned to be completed over the coming weeks.

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