Royal Oak Rumours and Update

by jontwigge on 4 July, 2017

There have been rumours recently that the Royal Oak on Commercial road may be up for sale again.  The current owner and developer, that has just secured planning permission for houses on the site, have now confirmed that there is substance to the rumours; they are indeed considering offers from other developers for the site.  One offer may be for flats in a block similar to those opposite Sainsbury.

Planning conditions associated with the application had already delayed progress at the site but the very good news is that the site will soon be secured with a perimeter fence despite a further possible sale which should mean an end to the litter and vandalism.


The site is now fenced which should stop many people using the site but we have asked the developer if they can make the barrier more substantial to prevent vandalism within the site.


2 Responses

  1. Allen says:

    If a block of flats is to be considered for the site, what are the potential consequences for child safety as St Stephen’s School would definitely be overlooked.( probably more so than at present)? The children play outside quite a lot. As would the green route used by children going to Hazel Grove Primary.

    • paulankers says:

      True. There is planning approval for a small number of flats already approved. I do not know if this has been considered although as you point out there are already properties overlooking these schools and that might be a factor.

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