World Health Organization Calls for Extended 20mph Limits

by jontwigge on 2 July, 2017

The World Health Organization is calling for 20mph limits as best practice where motorised traffic mixes with pedestrians and cyclists.  They argue that a 30mph limit permits speeds which are not consistent with the Common Law duty of councils to protect people when creating, designing or maintaining highways.

As part of the 4th UN Global Road Safety Week, May 8th-14th, WHO has focussed on vehicle speed as the major factor in most collisions. Its document on Speed Management says:

“A safe speed on roads with possible conflicts between cars and pedestrians, cyclists or other vulnerable road users is 30 km/h (see Table 2). To achieve these safe speeds, local authorities should have the legislative power to reduce limits as needed to better protect all who use the roads. In addition, drivers should be informed of limits through sign-posting the legal speed limit on roads and rigorously enforcing the law.”

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