Cllr Jon Twigge Tackles Road Safety

by paulankers on 8 March, 2017

Your local Lib Dem Cllr Jon Twigge has secured a mobile speed camera dedicated to Hazel Grove, Offerton & Stepping Hill wards following local residents raising their concerns with him.

Jon proposed a dedicated camera for Hazel Grove only, but local Conservative Councillors proposed the scheme be spread across three Council wards. However, Jon sees that it will be a benefit to Hazel Grove and tackle speeding. There may be future scope to purchase more cameras.

Cllr Twigge has also been at the forefront of tackling road safety issues throughout the ward including Chester Rd, Torkington Rd, Queens Rd & Ashbourne Rd.

Jon said, “I fear for local people’s safety unless we take strong action against speeding & poor driving.”

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  1. David Billington says:

    In all the 20mph zones local residents constantly drive in high excess of this speed, in addition to this the excess speeding on Chester Rd, Dean Lane, Jacksons Lane & Bridge Lane and past the Deanwater is unacceptable and I suggest the mobile speed camera is used in these areas and the offenders are prosecuted. As a regular cyclist I can advise the speed of the majority of cars on our local roads is well in excess of the speed prescribed.

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