2 thoughts on “Save Stockport Magistrates Court

  1. Helen Madden says:

    I have left my views above. Here’s hoping that every measure will be taken to keep our court and that local residents AND businesses needing the magistrates court including the many solicitor/lawyer forms in the area; will be listened to. It truly saddens me that our voice is over ridden by councillors/committee members thinking they know best. Maybe good intentions but over the ,it seems, any proposals for demolitions, building closures, road builds etc which provoke deep emotional resistance by Stockport residents are not listened to.

  2. paulankers says:

    All I’ll say is it is a government decision to close Magistrates courts around the country (about 90). I think you are expressing a gripe about Stockport Council, though which is fair enough. But I wanted to be clear on that aspect.

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