Lighting, Graffiti and Hazel Grove Ward – an update

by paulankers on 30 December, 2018

Cllr Paul Ankers and Lou Ankers love living in Hazel Grove but sadly there are a few areas that can be worrying to walk through. When Lou is walking back from her daughter’s nursery over the train line and down into Green car park, she can be often intimidated by the vandalism and groups of young people being threatening and anti social.
We know from reading groups like SK7 Watch that we not alone in concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour in our area.
Here is what we Liberal Democrats are doing about this.
Reporting Vandalism and Graffiti
I have reported vandalism in Green Lane park which was quickly fixed. It’s important that we act quickly to clean up damage to prevent attracting further vandalism. Please join me in reporting graffitti and vandalism to the Council whenever you see it [provide link]
Better Street Lighting
It’s such a simple thing but better lighting can help people feel safer, prevent vandalism and reduce anti-social behaviour. We have been reporting broken lights when we become aware of them and chasing up long standing faults. At the Council meeting on 29th November, Cllr Paul Ankers challenged Sheila Bailey on this very issue.
Please let us know if there are particular problem areas with no lighting which make you feel unsafe.
Campaigning for Better Resources for the Police
We know that resources for policing have been cut by the Conservatives and local teams are stretched to the limit. Nationally and locally Lib Dems have been campaigning for better resources for policing. Stockport Liberal Democrats called on the Greater Manchester Mayor, who is in charge of our local police, to urgently review the 101 service. We also called on the Government for £300 million for neighbourhood policing, to keep our area safe and give the police the resources they need.
Let us know the issues that concern you locally and we will work as hard as we can to get them fixed.

4 Responses

  1. Paul Kenyon says:

    I think graffiti is an eyesore

    Why is the food outlet ‘Bun & Bones’ allowed to spray graffiti onto their own roller shutter which makes the area look abused? This poor excuse for a logo should be removed and the council should see that it’s done.

    What I also want to know is why local businesses on the A6 are allowed to leave their shopfronts / canopies and building maintenance without attention so that they equally look disgraceful.

    The area is rundown and it’s my opinion that local business owners are not helping the situation at all.

    • paulankers says:

      Thanks Paul. I will be doing quite a bit of work on trying to find scope to improve Hazel Grove district centre over 2019. I suspect Bun & Bones have made a conscious decision with their frontage and it does fit with their image. Conversely, some of the other frontages are a sign of neglect, either because they are just making ends meet or there needs to be some impetus. Keep an eye out for more action on this!

  2. lynda harper says:

    hello is it possible we can have some lighting near the doctors / clinic at beech house surgery hazel grove . the grassed area there is no lighting. i feel very unsafe when coming past there when its dark thank you mrs lynda harper

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