Hazel Grove Public Toilets

by paulankers on 17 December, 2018

Hello again from the Hazel Grove Liberal Democrats.


The Liberal Democrats are (in)famous for keeping in touch – I’m sure you’ve seen our leaflets. Well, a few months ago we sent out a survey of residents asking for their views on the most important local issues. We had a huge response and it’s been a big help to us in helping us to know what issues to prioritise.


One of the issues that was raised by a few local people in our survey was the issue of public toilets in Hazel Grove. As a parent I know how important easily accessible toilets are especially if you’re out on the high street!

Unfortunately, new public toilets are unlikely because they are expensive to build and maintain. As you know there are public toilets in Torkington park, at the park and ride, the library and a small selection of places that you can use with ‘no purchase necessary’ like McDonald’s, Sainsbury’s, and O’Hare’s Bar

However, from talking to people locally, there is obviously a need for further community toilets in Hazel Grove so we are going to take action. I will be making contact with local businesses with facilities and encourage more of them to join the Community Toilet Scheme.

The Community Toilet Scheme enables local businesses like pubs, restaurants and shops, to work together with the Council to make more clean, safe and accessible toilets available to the public. Members of the public can use the toilet facilities during the premises normal opening hours and without the need to make a purchase. Businesses have the right to refuse entry in exceptional circumstances.If a business is part of they scheme, they usually display a logo in their window.

If we are successful we will let you know in our regular newsletters. Stay tuned!

Please get in touch with us if there is anything else you’d like to discuss with your local Lib Dems.  Let’s keep working together to make our community a great place to live.

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