Torkington Road / A6 Lanes To Be Restored

by jontwigge on 23 October, 2018

Following the recent resurfacing of the bottom of Torkington Road where it meets the A6 a sharp eyed resident spotted that the white lines for the lanes had not been repainted in the right place.

Several years ago, a great deal of effort went into getting the council, and even a government department, to agree to the lane markings being moved.  The problem was that the left hand lane approaching the A6 was too narrow and was too quickly blocked by traffic in the right hand lane and it was finally agreed to offset the lines to improve the situation.

Unfortunately, when these lines were repainted recently they were inadvertently put back to their original position.

A very sharp eyed resident spotted the problem and even volunteered to show me.

Because the contractor realised the lane was going to be too narrow as it passed the pavement, at the now almost infamous buildout, they stopped short but if you follow the line it ends up where the resident stands above (he volunteered and made sure he was safe before standing in the road ! ).   This leaves barely two metres for cars which is obviously not enough in this lane.

The good news is that armed with this evidence officers have now arranged for the lines to be corrected by the contractors overnight on the 12th of November.

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