LED Street Light Update

by jontwigge on 7 March, 2018

There has been talk of upgrading the street lights in Stockport to shiny new LED technology for some time and the program to replace them is finally going to start this year.  The good news is that Hazel Grove will be one of the areas that get the first replacements so we should see our first new lights fitted in the autumn.

LED lights use far less electricity than the old kinds that have been used before and the bulbs last longer so in the longer term the council will save money in both electricity costs and maintenance.

LED Lights are cheaper to run and maintain

Replacing the lights also means that the fittings are the latest designs as well which should mean less wasted light up into the sky and less light pollution into neighbouring houses as more of the light is directed to where it is needed.

One think to watch out for is that new LED lights can be brighter and whiter than old bulbs.  In many cases this is a big benefit but not everyone likes the change until they get used to them.  The council may use a softer coloured light than the pure white bulbs in quieter areas where a strong light might be intrusive but that would be balanced against safety needs as well.

To make the swap as cost effective as possible they will start by replacing older lights first especially where the posts or columns are in need of more repairs.  The complete swap will take a few years and with such an expensive bill to do it it will be rather a lot of years before the savings come back.



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  1. Maurice Kime says:

    Hopefully this will see and end to the problem of day burning lighting pillars

    • jontwigge says:

      Yes, at least most of them, i wouldn’t like to say there will never be one again. But, if they did happen, very occasionally, then hopefully they would be easier to fix and they certainly wouldn’t be wasting anywhere near so much electricity.

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