Local Elections Coming Soon – Many People Help The Lib Dems

by jontwigge on 9 February, 2018

There are normally elections for local councillors for Stockport Council three out of every four years.  This year there is an election in Hazel Grove Ward (most of the the town itself) on Thursday May 3rd and as normal here it will almost certainly be a Liberal Democrat or Conservative winner who takes the seat.

Our Lib Dem candidate this year is Paul Ankers who lives locally, close to the centre of Hazel Grove.

If you would like to help Paul become a new Liberal Democrat Councillor for Hazel Grove here are a few things you can do to help:

  • Make sure that you are registered to vote – if you normally vote and have not moved house you should still be registered but if not, you can register on the government website at: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote
  • As a percentage, far more people with postal votes actually vote, especially for local elections, than people who go to the polling station.  Please consider getting a postal vote to make sure that you can vote whatever happens on the day,especially if you may be on holiday or working away, or even if the weather is horrible.  You can request a form to register for a postal vote from Stockport Council’s website but you need to fill it in and send it back as early as possible.  The form is here: https://interactive.stockport.gov.uk/contents/VoterPostalVote/
  • Don’t forget that if you don’t want a Conservative to win, voting Lib Dem for Paul is the safe way to avoid that in Hazel Grove.
  • As we get closer to the election we always have a few more leaflets than the rest of the year and we need all the help we can get to make sure we deliver them to as many people as possible.  Where we deliver leaflets regularly telling people about the work we do in Hazel Grove and Stockport we get more votes.  Even a small round of leaflet delivery that only takes half an hour each time really helps so please let us know if you can help a little.
  • We are proud of all the posters we put up each year and it lets everyone know that Hazel Grove is a traditional Lib Dem area.  The more posters we put up the more people are reminded how important it is to vote for us.  Please let us know if you would like a poster in your garden this year.
  • Lib Dems are famous for all the work we put into local elections – if you can’t deliver leaflets we have plenty of other things to do in Hazel Grove and in the office in Romiley where they organise all the deliveries and phoning.
  • Phoning people to remind them to vote for us can even be done from your own home using our clever web based system.
  • Election day itself is always the busiest day of all – if you could spare time on the day itself we will always be very grateful.

However you can help, you can let Paul know by emailing him at: [email protected]

Thank you !



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