Council Dog Fouling Campaign

by jontwigge on 9 January, 2018

The council have now begun to put up Glow in the Dark posters designed by Keep Britain Tidy to help put off irresponsible owners who think they can get away with leaving dog mess in the dark.

We are still calling for hot spots where the signs can be put up so please do let us know about them.

“We really welcome these new posters but we are a bit concerned about the cost so we are looking at ways to make much cheaper community designed posters and also other ways to deter dog owners,” said local Lib Dem Cllr, Jon Twigge.


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  1. P K says:

    Who is out there?

    I have never seen nor heard about anyone being stopped by officials ref dog fouling… Where are these ‘pooper police’?

    Same goes for litter…. Huge amounts of it on the Bosden far, estate and yet I don’t spit any council worker with a bin picking it up and I certainly don’t here of people being punished or shops being held responsible when their rubbish is dropped.

    It’s about time we increased the vigilance to stop our neighbourhoods becoming more like the ghetto suburbs of Manchester!

  2. Madeleine Furness says:

    Hello. With regard to the posters, areas of heavy fouling include the passage between Peter Street and Sainsburys and the Wesley Street/Chapel Street area. Both of these areas are routes regularly used by parents/carers a day children attending Chapel Street school.

    • jontwigge says:

      We will add all of the areas reported to our list and see if we can get signs up to try to try to get owners to be more responsible.

  3. Howard Davey says:

    Denison Road is a small loop from Eyam road to Eyam Road, about 60 houses long, yet the number of dog walkers who fail to clear up after their dogs is appalling . It is almost as bad onto Eyam and Cavendish Roads.
    Why have a dog if you cannot be responsible for it. .?

  4. Debbie de Lacy-Erskine says:

    Torkington park has bins, but it’s unbelievable how many leave their poop even on the paths, or their bags in the bushes. We would certainly love those posters in the park. Thanks

  5. Debbie de Lacy-Erskine says:

    Hazel Grove is one of the dirtiest towns I know. Broken glass, rubbish and dog poo are on many of the streets. Especially glass on pavements leading from pubs. A nightmare to walk your dog on..

    • jontwigge says:

      Yes, we have been trying to get an extra street clean or even the midweek one moved to Sunday morning. Currently they are On Wednesday and Saturday but that leaves the mess from Saturday night far too long. Despite our efforts we are not getting a good response so far with council resources stretched but we will keep trying.

  6. Catherine buggy says:

    Delighted you’re doing a campaign as it is bad in Hazel grove and Davenport

  7. Jane Griffiths says:

    My son and daughter both complain of dreadful dog fouling along Chester Road between the railway bridge and Cavendish Road. It is particularly annoying at this time of the year when walking to and from work in the dark when you can’t see what’s on the pavement!

  8. Glen Cope says:

    I’m looking at moving away from Hazel Grove due to the dog fouling. One man in particular has a Bearded Terrrier and leaves a mess on a daily basis.

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