Jon and Paul Welcome Phase Three of Stockport Exchange

by jontwigge on 8 January, 2018

Phase 3 of Stockport Exchange has been launched, with a new office block to be built on the site of the former Cineworld cinema by Stockport station.

This is phase three of six that was agreed by the Lib Dem administration on Stockport Council. A few years ago, anyone coming out of Stockport station would see the back of the closed Heaven and Hell nightclub and the bowling alley. It wasn’t a great advert for the town.

The Lib Dem administration have brought about a transformation. We now have a new hotel, grade A offices, a new cinema complex at Redrock, numerous road improvements and more on the way. There’s still a long way to go, but Stockport is changing for the better.

“While Hazel Grove won’t see development on the scale of the one Billion Pounds that was planned by the Liberal Democrats in the Town Hall a bypass would allow us to invest and regenerate right along our patch of the A6 once a majority of all the dirty and heavy vehicles that are just passing through could go around us,” said Lib Dem Councillor Jon Twigge.


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  1. lynda harper says:

    so now we have no bowling alley in the town ,just more office blocks ,so now even less for young people for somewhere to go,im sorry but all these alterations are a waste of money ,and dont benefit the people of stockport

  2. lynda harper says:

    its about time the bypass was built to give us all some relief ,we have waited long enough for it

  3. KEITH WARDLE says:

    Its great to see Stockport town centre improving, BUT its a waste of money if PARKING charges remain a deterrent to visitors, which is the case at the moment.
    People will travel elsewhere to use leisure when parking is free.

  4. Mrs Jill Rey says:

    Now we hear that Marks and Spencer will be closing the Stockport branch, therefore two large closed shops almost next to each other – that will mean even less people going into the town when they see that. The money spent on the Red Rock could have been used to keep the town thriving, it’s about time the Council filled some of the empty buildings. We need more large stores to entice young and older people, otherwise it will become a ghost town! I think the shops are closing because of the rents going up, again the Council recouping the cost of the Red Rock which is of no use to the older generation. Take a tip from Bury, the best town in the North, possibly in the country.

    • jontwigge says:

      Hi Jill,

      the council do try to make sure that existing businesses stay here and to entice new ones. But you are absolutely right, we need more stores.

      Red Rock should in theory bring more people into the town and more of the units there are opening soon but it is a battle to keep the key stores that are best known because some of the bigger out of town sites get a lot of visitors.

      Council officers are sure to be talking to Marks and Spencers to see if there is anything we can do to keep them.

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