Beech Avenue Pavements Finally to be Fixed

by jontwigge on 1 January, 2018

After several reports of the state of them, and after quite a wait, the pavements on Beech Avenue are finally going to be fixed beginning on the 18th January.  The work will take up to six weeks but it should be worth the wait to have them safe again.

Both the library and the Surgery are at the top of Beech Avenue.  The hill and the terrible state of the pavements up there has caused more than one accident in recent months so it will be a big relief for local residents that have to regularly walk up and down them.

Part of the delay was that the street lights needed replacing as well and it would not have made sense to have to dig up new pavements to replace the lights.




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  1. Funnily enough just before reading the above I noticed that our street light is badly rusted and the light itself filthy dirty. However we weren’t going to point this out as the thought of having the light clearly shining in our bedroom window was prohibitive. Why can’t the lights be better designed and only shine downwards to alleviate light pollution
    Regards with hope.

    • jontwigge says:

      Hi Brenda,

      you are absolutely right – the lights were not the best from years ago. The good news is that the council are starting a program to replace all the lights in Stockport eventually. They will then be LED which are much cheaper to run and are designed much better so should not shine into bedrooms anywhere near so much.

      The complete program will take a few years to finish because it costs a lot and takes time but hopefully your light will be nice and new before anyone else realises it is a little bit dirty.

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