Better Off Stockport – Your Money, Jobs and Advice

by jontwigge on 15 November, 2017

BetterOff is a new service for people who live in Stockport.  Did you know that BetterOff can show you the benefits you are entitled to and will help you to apply for them online.

BetterOff also provides information on how to find and apply for jobs.

The better off services are:

  • Your Money and Benefits – what are you entitled to
  • Applications and Appeals – how to apply and appeal for various services
  • Vacancy search – search job postings and voluntary organistions
  • Job search journal – record your job search activity
  • Jobs and childcare advice – advice on job applications, interviews, your CV, and childcare
  • Debt advice and budgeting – advice on debt problems and managing your money

Check out the Better Off Stockport website at:

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