Have Your Say on Major Health and Social Care Changes

by jontwigge on 5 November, 2017

There is still time to give Stockport Council and the health and social care organisations in Stockport your feedback on the Stockport Together plans.  Stockport Together changes the way that the separate organisations will work together more proactively to give better services:

Have Your say: https://www.stockport-together.co.uk/get-involved/consultation


About Stockport Together

The five main health and care organisations in Stockport have been committed to working differently since January 2015, when they formally began working on the Stockport Together programme. These organisations have pledged to deliver the following: ‘A safe, affordable and integrated health and social care system to meet the needs of Stockport.’

Stockport Together is transforming the way that healthcare is managed and organised in Stockport so the services you rely on are fit for purpose in the 21st century.

The rising number of older people in Stockport means there will be a greater need for health and social care support both in the short and long term.

If we can improve the health and wellbeing of the older generation, then their quality of life should greatly improve, and the need for in and outpatient care (health services provided in a hospital setting) should be reduced. Consider this: one in five of the population in Stockport is aged over 65. This proportion is expected to keep rising.

While hospital can be the right place for some, top notch care at home is, in many circumstances, more beneficial to the patient and their recovery.

We want to provide an efficient and effective system. We’ll do this by changing our way of working: instead of being a reactive service, we will become proactive.

This should help you to maintain your independence, reduce the number of unnecessary outpatient visits, and lower the frequency of hospital stays and the length of time spent in a hospital bed. Having health and social care services which work better together will enable us to support people when they no longer need specialist medical support, but may need some longer-term ongoing social care input.

For more information, visit: http://www.gmhsc.org.uk/

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