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by jontwigge on 22 October, 2017

“Stockport Local” is the place to find out about community groups, services and activities. It’s the easiest way to find out what’s on, when it’s on and how to join in.

Thanks to the involvement of hundreds of local groups, Stockport Council have launched ‘Stockport Local’, an online directory of community groups and services on their website. It’s the answer to a problem that has long faced both Stockport communities and residents – the need for a single source of information on groups and activities across the whole of Stockport.

Stockport Council is committed to finding new digital ways to engage and work with communities, to connect people and places and help to reduce loneliness and isolation, particularly among older and more vulnerable people.

Whether you’re looking for something specific or are open to suggestions, or if you’re looking for opportunities to volunteer and become more involved with your local community, Stockport Local is really easy to search with four main search options:

For those who know exactly the type of group they are looking for there is also a list of group categories which vary from arts to adventure, fitness to theatre. And all the results can be filtered to display the groups closest to where you live or work.

Stockport Local is growing all the time and new groups are welcomed. The Council is encouraging any community groups that aren’t yet listed to use the ‘Add your group or service’ button and add themselves for free.

For more information, visit

Stockport Local is part of a circle of support the Council is building around Stockport’s communities, alongside a community investment fund to stimulate social action, workforce and peer support networks to help people contribute to their community and access to resources, time and spaces so people can engage in social activities.

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