A6 in Stockport Due to Reopen on 16th October

The last works on the A6 bridge in the centre of Stockport are due to finish on 15th October with the road opening again on Monday 16th.

                                   The A6 before the closure

Once the road is open again works will resume in St Mary’s to complete that area giving more capacity around Stockport.

Please note that buses may be affected on the 15th / 16th so please check routes and stops for these days.



2 thoughts on “A6 in Stockport Due to Reopen on 16th October

  1. John Brown says:

    Hi Jon,

    Can you ask them to delay starting work by a week or two, let things settle down.

    I think just about everyone in Stockport area is completely sick of traffic caused through road works!.



    • jontwigge says:

      Hi John,

      absolutely agree – we are all fed up with roadworks. I would ask if I thought it would make a difference but the planners have to try to get everything lined up. On the up side, the bridge shouldn’t need to close again for a long time and when Saint Mary’s is finished traffic generally should be better. They were originally hoping to have that finished before the A6 closed so hopefully we won’t have too many more weeks to complete St Mary’s.

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