McCarthy & Stone to Purchase Royal Oak Site

by jontwigge on 9 September, 2017

Both the current owner, who eventually got planning permission to build houses, and McCarthy & Stone have confirmed the new situation.

McCarthy & Stone have acquired an interest in the Royal Oak site and will purchase it if they get planning permission for accommodation for  older people.   You may recognise the name, McCarthy & Stone built Woodgrove Court by Sainsbury in Hazel Grove.

Woodgrove Court, Hazel Grove

Clearly this means that there will be further delays while a new application for planning permission is made.  I am most keen to know that the new owners will eventually get the planning permission and build – the last thing we want is another lengthy delay to be all for nothing, so I have contacted Stockport planning officers for any guidance they may have and I hope to speak to McCarthy & Stone soon.

As part of the process the retirement housebuilder is starting a community consultation process – more information soon.

Please let us know your feelings about the changes.




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  1. Paul Griffiths-Davies says:

    Whilst I am happy for the site to be rescued from the gloom of the past few years I am upset that such a fine, stylish and handsome building may be demolished. it is definitely a visual asset to Commercial Road and Hazel Grove in general. This is a mature area and we must keep those buildings that are worthy and add to the area’s appeal.
    Cannot the proposed development incorporate the building into its plans, convert the interior into flats and communal spaces, while putting new buildings onto the car park area?

    • jontwigge says:

      Hi Paul,

      this was one of the first questions I asked but the answer unfortunately was a definite no – it is not at all viable. For McCarthy & Stone they need a minimum number of units and the building simply does not lend itself to this. It is a shame but at least the new building should be of a high quality.

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