Over half of 101 calls not being answered

by paulankers on 9 August, 2017

A survey by the Liberal Democrats has found that 53% of people who called 101 – the non-emergency Police phone number – gave up before speaking to the Police.

Most people who did get through waited for more than five minutes, with some waiting for 30 minutes or more for the call to be answered.

The scale of the problem was uncovered by Claire Halliwell, Stockport Liberal Democrat spokesperson on crime.

“Thousands of crimes are going unrecorded and people are wasting hours sitting on the phone. It also means the Police are missing half the picture on crime. Important intelligence is being missed, meaning the Police may not be targeting their efforts efficiently,” said Claire.

Hazel Grove LibDem Paul Ankers said, “The cuts are biting, crime is up around here by 20% in the last two years. Cutting funding for the 101 number is a false economy. The public deserve access to policing”


3 Responses

  1. Barry oldham says:

    Why do we spend less and less on our own people year on year,and foreign aid goes up year on year.12.1 billion £ in 2017 .india alone gets 186 million£. A country that has a good of 2.264 trillion dollars .also we seem to be borrowing more money that we give to somebody else.just does not make economic sense to me.

  2. Allen says:

    Having tried to report a stolen till being dumped at st. john’s Offerton, on 101, I gave up waiting and ended up reporting to the waste disposal team…..before a child got injured putting their fingers in the open drawer space. Subsequently heard, by chance that the theft had occurred in Hazel Grove the night before.
    Why can’t I report the crime on line?

  3. paulankers says:

    Allen, has a good point about being able to report crimes/suspicious activity online. We will pursue this

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