Discuss Speeding With Your Local Police

by jontwigge on 26 July, 2017

Speeding is an ongoing problem in Hazel Grove and all across Stockport.  A small number of individuals feel that they can completely flout the law and travel at grossly excessive speeds.

With fewer police generally and far fewer traffic police in particular they simply do not have the presence to offer the same deterrent that they used to.

The Speed Indicator device has now been deployed at its first site and will over time be sited at a number of our local hot spots.  We hope that this will both increase motorists awareness of their speed and give us evidence we need to look at further measures.

The local police have agreed to Jon Twigge’s request to attend a meeting for the public to discuss the speeding problem and when we have a date confirmed we will let you know.

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  1. Ann-Marie Dasgupta says:

    My house vibrates due to the excessive speeding on Torkington Road, particularly during the evening. Wall cracks due to the above continue to worsen and yet nothing ever gets done. Why?

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