Speed Indicator Device coming to Mill Lane

by jontwigge on 9 July, 2017

After our campaign on speeding and getting a Speed Indicator Device for Stepping Hill, it is now being deployed.

There are a number of speeding hot spots in Hazel Grove and the device will be deployed at some of the worst ones in the coming months.  Mill Lane, which ought to be a quiet road, has recently seen a lot of speeding as people cut around from Chatsworth Road and back again.

As well as showing motorists how fast they are going, which in itself slows many people down, it will also record how fast every vehicle was travelling.  The information gathered can be analysed later.

It would be wonderful if we could stop excessive speeding in Hazel Grove completely but we hope that the the Speed Indicator’s presence in Hazel Grove will at least make people more aware of their speed and help us to collect evidence for further measures.

Candidates for more sites include Chester Road and Commercial Road amongst others.

The Lib Dem campaign called for a device for the Hazel Grove ward on its own which would have allowed for us to monitor ten sites over a year.  For reasons of cost, the Stepping Hill Area Committee chose to share a device between all three wards meaning we will only get to monitor three or four sites initially.  However, if we see positive results we will again be asking to make a device exclusive to Hazel Grove – it is a small price to pay for road safety.




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  1. Denise Leese says:

    It would be a great idea to place one of these on Avondale Ave (the second half, from no 31 upwards) as cars are now using it as a cut through, we have quite a few cars that drive at a ridiculous speed up and down the avenue.

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