2,000 sign Jane Brophy’s Save our Greenbelt petition

by jontwigge on 4 February, 2017

Cllr Jon Twigge says “The new report into the A6 to Bredbury road says that average traffic speed in Stockport can be less than ten miles an hour for much of the day. More houses means more traffic and the A6 in Hazel Grove is already bursting at the seams!”

Traffic from Houses Proposed by GMSF would use the overcrowded A6

Traffic from houses proposed by GMSF around High Lane would use the overcrowded A6

Here in Hazel Grove we agree with Jane Brophy who has demanded green spaces in Greater Manchester are protected. She said: “The Government and Greater Manchester Combined Authority must work together to ensure no more houses are built on our precious greenbelt.

“We are destroying our green spaces and depriving our children of the areas to grow and play in.”

Please sign her petition.

Before we open up the greenbelt for development we must bring every empty home back into use, develop every old mill building, empty warehouse, factory, brownfield space and derelict piece of land. Only when all that is truly done should we consider moving onto the greenbelt.

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  1. Helen Hill/Alan Johnson says:

    There are open pieces of land right opposite us on Queens road not being used. A house at the top overton crescent empty. House on Hillcrest boarded up. Also the mill off pineapple St not really being used.None of these areas are being used to there utmost,so why not use these areas instead of greenbelt. Our grand children will never see a field unless buildings that aren’t occupied start to be used. Glad ones on A6 Near Saintsbury’s are being done up. Can’t remember terraces ever being occupied. Times have to change or we will loose all our wildlife and birds.

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