Plans to Save Greenbelt Blocked by Council

by jontwigge on 3 December, 2016

In a dramatic Stockport Council meeting former Liberal Democrat MP Mark Hunter led the chamber into a vote on plans to save Stockport’s greenbelt.

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF), currently up for public consultation, allocates greenbelt for 4000 new homes on our doorstep in High Lane. The A6 through Hazel Grove and High Lane is already one of the busiest roads in the country. In all it includes plans for over 12,000 homes in Greenbelt areas across Stockport.

The amendment, drawn up by Cheadle’s former MP of ten years, Mark Hunter, saw the chamber thrown into disarray. After a short break, and despite the Liberal Democrats’ best efforts, the chamber’s other councillors joined forces to quickly vote down the amendment without a debate.

Jon Twigge said: “We are really disappointed that the GMSF plans to impose 4000 homes in High Lane will continue, this decision should be made here in Stockport. The Liberal Democrat councillors were the only ones standing up for local residents.”

“It is easier and cheaper to build on Greenbelt but that does not mean it is best for Stockport”.

“We will continue to fight to bring the decision of where to build these houses back to Stockport, where it belongs. We should build on exisiting brownfield sites throughout Stockport before we release massive areas of our Greenbelt.”

Please sign our Stop Massive Development petition to save the Greenbelt –


And, if you want to share your views on the plans then you can add feedback on the GMSF consultation at

A lot of people have reported that it is difficult to register on the feedback site but there are instructions on the link underneath (in the Online section) or you can send in comments via email to: [email protected]



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