Rubbish Plans to be Scrapped !

by jontwigge on 24 November, 2016

A big thank you to everyone who signed petitions and gave feedback on the council’s plans to reduce non recyclable waste (the black bin) collections to every three weeks.  The Council Executive have effectively admitted that the plans were very unpopular and they probably wouldn’t have worked anyway.


Manchester Evening News reveals that Stockport refuse plans have been binned !

Siting feedback from a survey they say that there are 12,000 homes had two bins and many others would not be forced to recycle more as their bins are not full anyway.  While the consultation period is not yet over they now say the proposals are unlikely to go ahead.

Cllr Jon Twigge said “This is great news for the whole of Stockport.  We told them it was going to be very unpopular, cause lots of problems for lots of people and a lot more fly tipping.  And, I told them the numbers just didn’t add up – it would not force people to recycle anywhere near the amounts they were targeting.

“This idea is now heading for the bin and they have admitted that the best way forward is to work with people to help everyone recycle more.”

More from the Manchester Evening News here.

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