Reporting Back: Hazel Grove Ward Committee

by paulankers on 21 October, 2016

The second Hazel Grove Ward Committee took place on Wednesday night. We are happy to say it had a larger number of residents than the first!

There was one question submitted about fears about Housing developments behind Sandown Rd on the racecourse estate. The short answer, given by the Tory Chair of the Committee, was that there were no current plans for development there. However, the longer answer is that that site does appear on a wish list connected to the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework – a project partly aimed at tackling lack of housing. There is no developer or project in the pipeline. But somebody wants to build there one day. So it is worth being vigilant.

The main item was more of a workshop, with local residents putting forward ideas for a wish list of road & traffic improvements following the A6 MARR road opening. There were lots of good ideas. Some of which are listed below.

Fixing the filter lane bottlenecks on Torkington & Commercial Rd
New cycle lanes
Potential rerouting of one way system on Grundey & Chester Rds
20mph zone for racecourse estate

Let your LibDem team know what you think…


2 Responses


    Hi there

    I have lived on Torkington Road for 27 years and like all areas traffic has increased dramatically.

    My major concern is the high speed in which many drivers drive during the quieter times during the evening. In particular the many commercial trucks.

    The speed at which they drive is so intense it causes my home to vibrate to such an extent that pictures fall off the wall, furniture and cooking utensils vibrate and only the other week the vibrations were so severe that one of my small dogs fell off the edge of the bed.

    Torkington Road during the evening would be a haven for any police officers wishing to catch high speed drivers.

    Speed limit sign is totally ignored so I would like to request that the council installs Speed Bumps asap

    Look forward to hearing your comments by return

    Kindest regards
    Ann-Marie Dasgupta

    • Dr. Sue Holland says:

      I totally agree about the speed of traffic,we have the same problem on Highfield Rd. It is high time something was done about drivers abusing the speed limit. I am constantly tailgated by drivers wishing to break the law. Do we have to wait til there is a fatality before anything is done.?

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