Local Tory MP Votes to retain Tampon Tax

by paulankers on 5 November, 2015

Cllr Iain Roberts, Lib Dem Deputy Leader at Stockport Council, has challenged Hazel Grove MP William Wragg to explain why he both voted to keep the “luxury” tax on women’s sanitary products – the so-called “tampon-tax”.

“The motion didn’t call for the tax to be scrapped, but for the Government to come up with a strategy to negotiate with the EU to scrap it.” Iain said. “In 2015 it’s baffling that tampons and other women’s sanitary products should be considered a luxury when men’s razors and children’s nappies are zero rated. I am asking William Wragg for Hazel Grove why he voted against this proposal.  I think his constituents have a right to know.”


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  1. Tony says:

    Hi Councillor . Tampon Tax. Never heard so much rubbish in my life. You’ll be Taxing male Sperm next as an added pleasure to produce it.

    What bloody next


    • Peter Hall says:

      Perhaps sanitary products are considered a luxury in other European countries ? After all they will ultimatly decide what we tax, and by how much we levy our taxes.
      Unless of course the vote goes the other way, who knows

      • paulankers says:

        We are the second biggest country in the EU. We have a bit more influence than that. A relatively minor country like Greece knows how to get its own way, so why shouldn’t we. Lets see what David cameron is made of…

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