Fight The Northern Powercut!

by paulankers on 13 July, 2015


Greater Manchester Liberal Democrats are giving their support to the Manchester Evening News’#NorthernPowercut campaign, calling for the government to prioritise funding the electrification of the Manchester to Leeds railway line ahead of putting more money into London with Crossrail 2.

Cllr Sue Derbyshire, Lib Dem leader of Stockport Council, said “With the Lib Dems in the previous government, ministers decided it was the right thing to invest in these major, and much needed, infrastructure projects. As soon as the Lib Dems are gone, Osborne has started back-peddling and it’s the schemes in the North that are being scrapped.”

northern powercut

Hazel Grove LibDem, Jon Twigge said, “The north and Hazel Grove must get its fair share of support. Electrification and strong support for the north will pay more dividends than HS2”

The Northern Powerhouse needs to be more than just a slogan – it’s about making the transport links between the great cities of the north good enough that they can effectively work together and start to attract the sort of inward investment that London does, leading to more jobs and more prosperity.

Cllr Tim Pickstone, leader of the Lib Dem group on Bury Council said “Previous governments, both Labour and Conservative, have failed to invest in transport infrastructure in the North, instead showering money onto London. Osborne has an opportunity to change that and the people of the north will not forgive him if he fails to take it.”
Sign the petition here.
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